Soil Not Oil

Climate Change is setting off a panic reaction with people not knowing where to begin to find solutions. A solution lies in your backyard, on your balcony and in your garden. Chemical farming is a major contributor to green house gas emissions which are causing climate change. Organic farming is a solution in every one's hands. We do not have to wait for governments to agree in Copenhagen. We can begin addressing the climate problem today everywhere.

Save a Seed

Saving seeds of climate resilient crops is a vital safe guard in times of climate change. Millets use only 200 to 300 milli meters of water but give 40 times more nutrition than industrially and chemically farmed rice which required 2500 mm of water and losses all nutrients when it is industrially processed. You can source your open pollinated organic seeds from Navdanya’s Seeds of Freedom campaign.

Start an Organic Garden

You can begin a climate solution in your home, your locality, your community by starting an organic garden. Schools can start Edible School Yard (Sagwari), residential communities can start Community Organic Gardens, families can start Kitchen Gardens, Roof Top Gardens and Micro Gardens in balcony.


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“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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