Diverse Women for Diversity

Diverse Women for Diversity is the gender programme of Navdanya which works with local, national and global level. It was founded as a global campaign of women on biodiversity, cultural diversity and food security by Dr. Jean Grossholtz and Ms. Beth Burrows, USA, Dr. Christine von Weizsacker, Germany, and Dr. Vandana Shiva, India. 

The Diverse Women's Statement of Concern resists monoculture and monopolies and celebrates diversity.

Diverse Women for Diversity echoes women's voices from the local and grassroots level to global fora and international negotiations. Its focus is biodiversity, food and water. It seeks to strengthen women's grassrots movements and provide women with a common international platform.

Over the years, Diverse Women for Diversity has evolved a non-violent resistance and opposition to globalisation, emergency of genetic engineering and patents on life forms. Women of the world join hands under Diverse Women for Diversity.

At the national level, Diverse Women for Diversity works as The National Alliance of Women's Food Rights.

At the local level, Diverse Women for Diversity works as Mahila Anna Swaraj (Women's Food Sovereignty).


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