DWD's Statement on Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a gift of nature.

We have used our biodiversity and knowledge cooprtating with other life forms.

We have created and sustained the basic knowledge, which meets our societies' needs for food, health, clothing and shelter.

Our knowledge is now being pirated and locked up in patents. Our relationship with the Earth and all its beings is being ruptured and poisoned, and our community rights destroyed.

Biodiversity deprived of its local roots and rights is being turned into a commodity.

We will resist with all our talents and strengths and imagination this destruction of our biological and cultural diversity.

We will rebuild our connections with the earth and all her species, and we will rebuild our communities for the well being and happiness of all.

If the face of corporate takeover, such defence and recreation of community rights requires solidarity and COOPERATION BETWEEN all people.

We call upon governments to abolish patents on life and recognize community rights and strengthen the Convention on Biological Diversity for the purpose.



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