DWD's Statement on Water Resources

Water is life. It's a gift of nature.

The access to water is a natural and fundamental right. It is not to be treated as a commodity and traded for profit. People shall have the right to freedom from thirst, and shall have adequate access to safe water for all of their living needs.

The increased walk of women to access water and the pollution, depletion and diversion of water have undermined women's ability to keep their families healthy and their homes clean.

Citizens across the world are committed to work globally in solidarity for the defence of community rights to local water resources.

For us, the "global water commons" means the global solidarity of defending and recreating such rules, rights and responsibilities.

Diverse women of the world will not allow our water to be made a commodity for profit.

We demand that governments acknowledge community rights to water, protect them globally and initiate an international legally binding framework for such protection at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002.


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