Grand Mother's University

The Grandmothers' University started by Navdanya in 2007, is aimed at both celebrating and validating the wisdom of our grandmothers, as well as transmitting this to future generations to arrest the rapid erosion of skills, knowledge and values which women had evolved over millenia to live sustainably.

Through the Grandmothers' University also hopes to nurture the trans-generational responsibility, both of grandmother to transmit the Traditional Knowledge and our future generation to seek, receive and honour the accumulated wisdom of earlier generations.

The Grandmothers' University is both a programme of Bija Vidyapeeth as well as a grassroots movement documenting traditional knowledge and the use of biodiversity through Community Biodiversity Registers which began in village called Pattuvam in Kerala in 1997.



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“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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