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Ecofeminism is the philosophy of Diverse Women for Diversity - an international movement started in the mid - 90s with RFSTE/Navdanya as founding members. Diverse Women seeks to defend diversity, peace and democracy from the growing threats of monoculture, war, totalitarianism and fundamentalism.

Women of different regions have organised as Diverse Women to provide an alternative voice at the World Food Summit in Rome (1996) WTO meetings in Seattle in 1999, the World Bank meetings in Prague in 2000, the Convention on Biological Diversity in Bratislava (1998) and Nairobi (2000) and Rio+10 at Johannesburg (2002).

Women leaders who have founded the movement have provided alternatives to a global economy dominated by capitalist patriarchy and have pioneered the resistance to genetic engineering at the scientific and movement level.

In India, DWD articulates its commitment to diversity and non-violent technology through the National Alliance for Women;s Food Rights, which has spearheaded the movement against genetic engineering by taking up issues such as dumping of GE soya, destruction of the domestic musturd oil industry, and policies that lead to the destruction of natural sources of vitamin A to make way for genetically engineered rice and mustard.

The Diverse Women for Diversity organised the Third International WOmen and Water Conference held at Navdanya's Bija Vidyapeeth from the 25th to the 28th of Feburary 2005. The Conference witnessed the confluence of 75 women representatives from 15 nations.

The women representatives took a pledge to work together, to form a network, communicate with each other and to wage a war against water barons. They also vowed to honour and revive the spiritual connection with water, to take responsibility towards stewardship of water, to work towards the equitable access to and sustainable use of water and to raise awareness through education.

Recognizing that for thousands of years women have produced their own food and guaranteed food security for their children and whole communities, DWD has organised 17 Mahila Ann Swarajs throughout India to honor and strengthen this work. These groups are women led food processing groups that create food sovereignty by protecting livelihoods and preserving culture and women's knowledge and skills.





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“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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