Navdanya Celebrates Silver Jublee with farmers across the country at Vasundhara 2012


A Manifesto on Jaivik Bharat: Vision 2020, developed by Scientists and Farmers was Presented to Ministers and New Ambassadors of Organic Farming in India during Vasundhara 2012

Vasundhara 2012 was celebrated as a Silver Jublee function of the 'Navdanya Movement' that completed its 25 years under the leadership of Dr. Vandana Shiva. About 200 farmers from across the country from Ladakh to Chennai and Jodhpur to Manipur attended the celebration. A-Z course participants international students also participated actively. A month long A-Z  of Organic farming course also concluded with the celebration.

To witness this moment Padma Vibhushan Sri Sundar Lal Bahuguna with his wife Smt. Vimla Bahuguna were present in the inaugural session, whereas valedictory session was graced by the ministers and celebrities. Dr. Harak Singh Rawat, Ariculture Minister of Uttarakhand and his counterpart from the state of Madhya Pradesh Dr. Ram Krishna Kusmaria along with Sri Narendra Singh Negi known folk Singer from Uttarakhand and Jackie Shroff, film actor were present in the concluding session. Mr. Jackie Shroff and Sri Narendra Singh Negi will be the Ambassador of Farmers for Organic India. Before the cultural evening with Mr. Negi ministers and celebrities were presented with the new books by Navdanya Seeds of Freedom and Poison in Food along with the Manifesto developed by the farmers and scientists in the two day gathering. Packet of Seeds of Freedom (Nine seeds) and a memento was also presented to the guests.

Both the ministers assured to work to promote the organic farming in their respective states, whereas farmers affirmed their commitment to continue farming and promoting organic farming in future.




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