Climate Chaos: What is at risk?

A message from Dr. Vandana about the risks of climate change to our species, our bio-diversity and future of the planet.

A-Z of Agroecology and Organic Food Systems : A report of the Week one from the Earth University
1st to 30th Sept 214


Day  -1:  1st September 2014

4.00 P.M. : Introduction and Inauguration:

The Course started in the afternoon of 1st September 2014 at the lecture hall of Navdanya.  Ms. Jodi  Koberinski, one of the faculty of the A-Z course, welcomed the participants and introduced the senior functionaries of Navdanya who had graced the occasion.  The senior functionaries of Navdanya were present to share with the participants the genesis of Navdanya and its work, which...

Safety in diversity
We are faced with two crises on a planetary scale — climate change and species extinction. Our current modes of production and consumption, starting with the Industrial Revolution and aggravated by the advent of industrial agriculture, have contributed to both.

If no action is taken to reduce greenhouse gases, we could experience a catastrophic 4°C increase in temperatures by the end of the century.

But climate change is not just about global warming. It is leading to intensification of...

Earth Democracy: Creating Living Economies and Living Cultures
In this course, Vandana Shiva will join us for a rare teaching week in the UK, to investigate Earth Democracy and how it can be brought to life through the concrete experience of her food movement Navdanya – a network founded to help farmers achieve seed and food sovereignty, now the largest direct marketing, fairtrade organic network in India.

Vandana will be focussing on the core concepts of her latest book Earth Democracy and Making Peace with the Earth, in which she argues that...

Bhoomi 2014
Navdanya in collaboration with India International Centre invites you to another year of participation in Navdanya's annual festival Bhoomi, based on Annapurna: Feeding the World, on the 1st of October, 2014 at the India International Centre.


The Right to Food is the natural right of all beings born on this planet. The Right to food is also being recognised as a human right. And Annapurna is a metaphor of the abundant and eternally renewable capacity of the Earth to provide food for...

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