Yield vs wealth, measure for measure
In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, physicist and philosopher, Thomas Kuhn revolutionised the history of science by showing that science does not evolve linearly on the basis of objective, theory-neutral facts, instead it is characterised by periodic paradigm shifts, which open up new approaches to understanding, creating new value frameworks. The notion of “scientific truth” is shaped by the paradigm within which “facts” are measured.

Such a paradigm shift is currently...

Don't create divisions in society
We will survive as a society in diversity, or we will not survive in peace and stability.

I have just finished offering a course on Earth Democracy at Navdanya’s Earth University in beautiful Doon Valley, surrounded by fields of mustard and wheat, greens and chickpeas, linseed and fenugreek. It was inspiring to have people of all faiths, all ages and all vocations joining to find unity in diversity through our Earth Citizenship and our common humanity.

We live in times of deep ecological...

हाट में गन्ना व गुड़ उत्सव का आयोजन
जासं, दक्षिणी दिल्ली : गन्ना किसानों की समस्या और उनके लिए रोजगार के दूसरे विकल्पों की तलाश कर रही संस्था नवदन्या ने आइएनए स्थित दिल्ली हाट में शनिवार को गुड़ व गन्ना उत्सव का आयोजन किया। यह...

Vandana Shiva to submit action plan to PM for redressal of cane farmer’s woes
Hitting out at the NDA government for providing cover-up to sugar mills, environmentalist and social activist Vandana Shiva on Saturday demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi must act swiftly to get long pending arrears of sugarcane farmers being paid.

Accusing sugar mill owners for the deplorable life of cane farmers, Shiva charged millers of owing above Rs 5,000 crore to the farmers of Western Uttar Pradesh. The noted environmentalist, while talking to Millennium Post, told that an...

Amar Ujala report

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