Dry spell in Vidarbha !!!!!!
Most of the farmers had no option and they were just wating the monsoons. Their sad faces and empty fields were showing their misery.


Some of the farmers sowed seeds anticipating the time for rains but rains failed to arrive and the seeds rotted without rains. Many of the farmers are planning to buy the seeds for second sowing (dobar perni).


The spell of crop-failure continues in Vidarbha. This area has seen an unwavering decline in production and increase in costs in the last few...

21 new varieties of genetically modified (GM) crops approved for field trials by the Narendra Modi Government
21 new varieties of genetically modified (GM) crops such as rice, wheat, maize and cotton have been approved for field trials by the Narendra Modi government, say reports. According to these reports, the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) — consisting mostly of bio-technology supporters — rejected just one out of the 28 proposals up for consideration. Six proposals were rejected for want of more information.

The move comes while the Supreme Court is in deliberation on the...

Swaraj Pvt. Ltd.
Corporate rule violates the principles of swaraj, sovereignty and self-rule. In the name of removing hunger and poverty, it pushes us deeper into poverty.

Swaraj, freedom, was one of the most frequently used terms in the campaign for 2014 general elections. During his speech on the ghats of the Ganga, expressing gratitude to the people of Varanasi for his massive victory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed himself to governance based on Mahatma Gandhi’s principles.
The five-year term...

For kids, here’s a super banana that may work wonders
peels of power | Genetically modified fruit with dollops of Vitamin A and iron to undergo human trials

A super-enriched banana genetically engineered to improve the lives of millions of people in Africa will soon have its first human trial, which will test its effect on vitamin A levels, Australian researchers said on Monday.

The project plans to have the special banana varieties — enriched with alpha and beta carotene which the body converts to vitamin A — grown in Uganda by 2020.


India’s Sovereignty, Security and Freedom at risk
Is the IB being used by foreign corporations to take over India’s vital seed sector?


The IB report makes specific mention of the Supreme Court cases which have been filed. It curiously also accuses civil society organisations and individuals of influencing 3 Committees that were officially mandated to assess GMOs. The IB report objects to these formal government reports, the Moratorium Orders of Shri Jairam Ramesh, the Parliamentary Standing Committee Report and the Supreme...

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