A-Z of Agroecology and Organic Food System

1st -30th September 2015

The course covers every aspect of science of Agroecology and practices of Agroecological System based on living seed and living soil to produce living food and living economy. The course links between soil, food, health and first hand experience to participants of food and agriculture system on Bio-diversity.

Confirmed Faculty Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr A.V. Singh, Dr Salvatore Ceccarelli, Chris & Marilyn Kennedy, Dr Sultan Ismail, Dr Vir Singh,Dr Uniyal

Invited faculty: Andre Leu, President of IFOAM, Coach Mark Smallwood, Executive Director, Rodale Institute, Ronnie Cummins, Directors & Co-founder Organic Consumer Alliance (OCA )

Week I Agroecology -What is Agroecology?

Introduction to Agroecology: A systems understanding of agiculture and food systems: relationship between Soil, Seed, Biodiversity, Climate, Health & Nutrition.
Week II Living soil- What is living soil?

The Soil Food Web, Renewal of Soil Fertility; composting and other methods to rejuvenate living soils.
Week III Living Seed: What is living seed?

Seeds and biodiversity, difference between traditional open pollinated seeds, Green Revolution varieties ,hybrids, GMOs, Why save seeds, participatory and evolutionary breeding, seed conservation, creating community seed bank and seed libraries.
Week IV Living Food Systems: What is living food?

The health hazards of the industrial food system-pesticides,GMOs, Junk food,Health, nutrition and ecological agriculture; the economics of local organic systems vs industrial global systems; Economic diversity and biodiversity of markets, issues of certification and participatory gurantee

Week V Transition strategies from destructive, extractive agriculture to regenerative agriculture and Living Food Systems:

Transition strategies from destructive, extractive agriculture to regenerative agriculture and Living Food Systems: Soil, Food & Climate Change, Soil ,Food & Health, Soil ,Food & Democracy. We culminate the course with a gathering of our farmers who work on the ground with Living Soil, Living Seed and to protect the Mother Earth & peoples health.

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