West Bengal Field Visit 2017

March 2017: Navdanya team visited the district of Medinapore & Hooghli, West Bengal. Farmers from 15 villages actively participated in dialogue on the economic and health crises they face. Chemical farming is slowly destroying their local seeds,  food diversity, and  traditional farming techniques.

Navdanya in agreement with the farmers came together through the week to pledge towards a life free from poisons in our seed, food and land. We held sessions on seed making, multiplication, natural pesticide making techniques such as jeevamrit, vermiwash, composting, etc and cropping techniques.


"What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow" said Gopal Krishna Gokhale half a century ago in struggle for India's freedom. Bengal still values their food, land and culture. Nandigram and Singhur's fight for land has led our country to believe that as citizens and a community we can take the steps towards freedom from corporate control and monopolies.


The farmers of Bengal with Navdanya can lead India's Satyagrah and Swadeshi  to a locally self reliant Organic Bengal and Organic India.


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“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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