संदेश-2016 : हम करेंगे ’खुशहाल जीवन से समृद्ध देश’ का निर्माण
प्रिय मित्रांे!
मैं आप सभी को ’नव वर्ष’ के आगमन पर शांति, सुरक्षा, प्रसन्नता, स्वास्थ्य एवं समृद्धि की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं प्रेषित करती हूं! आने वाला वर्ष हम सब के लिए सकारात्मक आश बनाए रखने...

Anna Swaraj
Mahatma Gandhi’s spinning wheel and Gandhi’s ghani (the indigenous cold press oil mill) are both symbols of swadeshi as economic freedom and economic democracy.

Gandhi inspired everyone in India to start spinning their own cloth in order to break free from the imperial control over the textile industry, which enslaved our farmers to grow cotton and indigo for the mills of Lancashire and Manchester, and dumped industrial clothing on India, destroying the livelihoods of our spinners and...

Satyagraha for Gandhi’s Ghani

Dr Vandana Shiva speaking to us from Gandhi's Ghani in Wardha . This ghani (traditional oil extraction unit) was started by Mahatma Gandhi has now been served a notice to shut down. Thousands of these units across the country are under attack from the pseudo-safety conspiracy of the industrial processing industries. With an aim to destroy all our rural and national oilseed economies industrial soy oil corporations are destroying our small scale traditional...

Genetically Modified Mustard is Unsafe for Us. Stop potential approval of its cultivation
This ‘new’ mustard in our kitchen could soon be harmful to us. Mustard oil is an everyday consumption item for lakhs of families across India. Almost all our curries are incomplete without a seasoning of mustard and mustard products find their way into our food in various ways. Don’t we have babies massaged with mustard oil? Have we not enjoyed Sarson da Saag on cold winter days?

And now our mustard is getting Genetically Modified. Shockingly, important information about this new...

Agroecology to reverse soil degradation and achieve food security
Agroecology, which restores ecosystem functioning by maintaining soil health, is an effective strategy to achieve food security in the areas of the world where it is most needed.

Currently agricultural policy is increasingly expected to face the combined challenge of producing sufficient food for a growing population while guaranteeing environmental restoration including soil and ecosystem health. Therefore, policy-makers are more frequently asked how to address the urgent need for soil and...

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