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The World Future Council, together with Terre des Hommes and Oikos have just launched a global e-petition to support Ombudspersons for Future Generations.

Tell your leader: We need a planet defender

The Rio+20 Summit offers a huge chance to stand up for future generations

Leading a healthy and fulfilling life is something each of us strives for. But for future generations this basic right is being severely threatened by a political and economic system that doesn’t take into account their needs or the impact our actions are having on the environment. Driven by profits and short term gain politicians, corporations and financial institutions are putting people and planet in danger. This must stop.

Decision makers of the present must make certain that the basic human dignity and environmental conditions needed to live a self-determined life are preserved for all people living today and in the future.

Thankfully there is an alternative! Several countries have introduced an Ombudsperson for Future Generations, with the task of protecting the environment and social conditions for the benefit of both current and future generations. This tried and tested institution engages with the public and responds to their concerns, increasing trust and participation in politics and makes sure that laws being introduced don’t harm our planet and generations to come.

The Rio+20 Summit offers a huge chance to stand up for future generations. At this Summit, world leaders must decide what action to take to address the challenges facing us.

I urge you to support, as a Rio + 20 outcome, the decision of creating Ombudspersons for Future Generations at international, regional and national levels to defend the rights of future generations. Sign the petition

In order to build as much attention to the petition as possible and make a difference, we need your help in circulating and spreading this petition. We are kindly asking you to share this email and our weblink with your friends, colleagues and broader networks.


Many thanks!

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