Navdanya means “nine seeds” (symbolizing protection of biological and cultural diversity) and also the “new gift” (for seed as commons, based on the right to save and share seeds In today’s context of biological and ecological destruction, seed savers are the true givers of seed. This gift or “dana” of Navadhanyas (nine seeds) is the ultimate gift – it is a gift of life, of heritage and continuity. Conserving seed is conserving biodiversity, conserving knowledge of the seed and its utilization, conserving culture, conserving sustainability.

Navdanya is a network of seed keepers and organic producers spread across 17 states in India.

Navdanya has helped set up 111 community seed banks across the country, trained over 5,00,000 farmers in seed sovereignty, food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture over the past two decades, and helped setup the largest direct marketing, fair trade organic network in the country.

Navdanya has also set up a learning center, Bija Vidyapeeth (School of the Seed / Earth University) on its biodiversity conservation and organic farm in Doon Valley, Uttarakhand, North India.

Navdanya is actively involved in the rejuvenation of indigenous knowledge and culture. It has created awareness on the hazards of genetic engineering, defended people's knowledge from biopiracy and food rights in the face of globalisation and climate change.

Navdanya is a women centred movement for the protection of biological and cultural diversity.


The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes-A Global Citizens Report on the State of GMOs

We have been repeatedly told that genetically engineered (GE) crops will save the world by increasing yields and producing more food. They will save the world by controlling pests and weeds. They will save the world by reducing chemical use in agriculture. They will save the world with GE drought tolerant seeds and other seed traits that will provide resilience in times of climate change.

However, the GE emperor (Monsanto) has no clothes. All of these claims have been established as false over years of experience all across the world. The Global Citizens Report “The Emperor Has No Clothes” brings together evidence from the ground of Monsanto’s and the industry’s false promises and failed technology.

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AgroEcology - Principles and Operationalisation of Sustainable Mountain Agriculture









‘A-Z of Agroecology and Organic Food Systems’


Other Recent Publications

The Law of the Seed aims to bring back biodiversity and recognition of farmers' rights, to bring back democratic systems in society to shape laws as well as knowledge.

"Navdanya launches The Global Citizens' Report for Seed Freedom."


Courses in 2014

September 1st – 30th, 2014
A-Z of Agroecology and Organic Food Systems
This 4 week course addresses the physical, intellectual, and holistic aspects of agroecology and organic food systems.
November 21st - 30th, 2014
Gandhi Globalization and Earth Democracy
The course explores the relevance of the four Gandhian principles of swaraj
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From the Navdanya Diary

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