Nine Seeds

All forms of nature are believed to interact and influence one another, be they are of this earth, or of space. This interaction and influence is often reflected in the linking of cosmic influences of planets and starts to life forms on earth. The Navadhanyas (or the nine seeds) and their respective Navagrahas (nine cosmic influences) are :

  1. Yava (barley) represents Aditya (sun)
  2. Shamaka (little millet) represents the moon, and is responsible for the stimulation, circulation and balancing
  3. Togari (pigeon pea) represents Mangala (Mars), which is responsible for the controlling of the nervous system
  4. Madga (Mung) represents Budha (Mercury) and stimulates intelligence
  5. Kadale (Chickpea) represents Brihaspati (Jupiter)
  6. Tandula (rice) represents Shukra (Venus)
  7. Til (Seasame) represents Shani (Saturn) and is characterized by oil
  8. Maasha (Black Gram) represents Rahu
  9. Kulittha (Horse Gram) represents Ketu



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