Climate Change

Climate chaos, climate instability, cllimate change are the most dramatic expressions of the human impact on planet earth. While the earths own climate has gone through various stages of warming and cooling, the present trend towards warming, and the related destabilisation of climate systems and weather patterns is human induced and it is human beings who are already suffering the impact of intensification of drought, floods, cyclones and hurricanes, the melting of snow and ice and the aggravation of the water crisis. Tragically it is those who have contributed the least to green house gas emissions are suffering the most because of climate chaos - communities in the high Himalayas who have lost their water resources as glaciers melt and disappear, peasants in the Ganges basin whose crops have failed because of drought, coastal and island communities who face new threats of sea level rise and intensified cyclones.

Navdanya's work on climate change shows that efforts that mitigate climate change not only contribute to adaptation but also contribute to climate and ecological justice. Our three areas of focus are -

Climate Change and Biodiversity
Climate Change and Agriculture
Climate Change in the Himalaya


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