Organic Certification

Growing crops in healthy soils using sustainable agricultural practices results in food products that offer healthy nutrients. As organic practices help safeguard the environment and protect habitats, organic products promote species diversity.

Navdanya has trained 200,000 farmers in organic production and helps to market their crops in semi-finished or processed form. These crops are grown on organic farms certified to to be organic to the SGS.

The SGS Organic Production Standard is a worldwide programme for organic production and processing. Organic agricultural and horticultural systems promote the sustainable production of food of optimum quality and quantity. The program has been developed with reference to IFOAM, European Community Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91, USDA Rulings, JAS requirements and the Codex Alimentarius Guidelines. SGS has been Guide 65 (EN 45 011) accredited by the RvA, Japanese MAFF and the USDA to carry out certifications against the SGS Organic Production Standard. In addition, SGS's local organic programme is accredited by authorities in Austria.

Navdanya sells over 100 organic products. Here is an indicative list of organic products that Navdanya markets through its outlets in Hauz Khas and Dilli Haat, New Delhi. For more information, Call us at 91-11-26532561/26535422/26968077



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