The lyrics to Monsanto Kolibri translated by Liza Cobb

Lyrics to Monsanto Kolibri

My story began in 1901 right in the middle of the United States, in Missouri.

It was in St. Louis I was born.

Today [I am] the number one chemical and agricultural industry in the world,

reproached for having blood on my hands,

as well as for being the number one to blame

for the plummeting of biodiversity,

for poisoning from field to plate,

for getting after farmers who plant what I patent.

I am reproached for too much.

What have I done to get to this point?

Admire my success, because I am the very example of successful enterprise,

Incontestably aided by my government,

thanks to the bonds created via our revolving doors!

This is reality, not a fairy tale.

Of course, if you take into account the consequences my choices have brought about –

from GMO to agent orange, PCB, and all the human beings strangely deceased,

as well as my hardcore attitude toward the living, then I agree.

But we must not allow ourselves to lose a single dollar

And so I am everywhere – I do everything to keep the machine turning

Even if I have to wear myself out

I need to dominate this world, to design its future

For this I am always ready to play the assassin!

I am a US multinational company(who lies)

I sow hatred, I grow suicides

I am GMOs, I am pesticides

I have become the queen of patents of death

I drink the blood of men who give me the strength to impose my empire for misfortune and worse.

Responsible for the self-execution of thousands of farmers who by my patents and my genius for the

gene have become completely dependent on my policies toward these little grains.

For yes, I appropriate this common Good, which I have stolen right from the hands of people who have

passed it on from generation to generation.

This is what happens when one cannot allow oneself to lose a single dollar: one begins to have the

desire, duty, and ability to dominate everything right up to the point of patenting the living, to ransack life.

I am often reproached. Certain [people] mobilize, demonize and resist me.

How long will they last when faced with my colonialist temperament?

I don't worry too much. In a little while you will depend on me for all the grain sown, for all the fields cultivated.

Integrate this vicious circle. I will fill your future with gloom. The control of seeds is the control of

food. That's my strategy: more powerful than arms, more powerful than bombs.

*Yes, my philosopy is rumbling. It is the best means for controlling the world.

I am a US multinational (who lies)

I sow hatred, I grow suicides

I am GMOs, I am pesticides

I have become the queen of patents of death

I drink the blood of men who give me the strength to impose my empire for misfortune and worse.

Domination is the objective of my policies. It has no price, neither moral nor ethical.

Since when are ethics profitable? (Never!) But if some day they are, then they will also be patented.

Screw the criticisms about my being terrible.

I am the very example of successful enterprise.

You have probably figured out who I am, I hope,

Because I hope to be the most renowned

*Everything, like dominating the future of this humanity

Over whom I am ready to do anything to win unanimous support

but it's difficult with Monsanto's entire history on one's back

*Like life, the world, and its future.

We are the absolute executioners.

You understand well that all these GMOs that I patent

are in fact nothing more than a rope around the farmers' necks,

a rope I hold like a leash,

a rope around the farmers' necks,

a rope around humanity's neck,

a rope I hold like a leash.


*gronder means to rumble or growl. It just looks funny as a verb with philosophy.

*Tout comme dominer – wondering whether there's an idiom I'm missing, or whether it's an elliptical

phrase. Literally it means, everything like dominating

*Que de before life, the world, etc., seems to be functioning as some kind of particle.


Translated on 14 February 2013 by Liza Cobb at The Bioscience Resource Project


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