On 15th March, 2011, Dr. Vandana Shiva was honoured by Raj Rajeshwari award from PHD Chamber of Commerce and Uttarakhand State Planning Commission. This award is for the women of Uttarakhand who have excelled in their field of work.The trophy was presented on the occassion of inauguration of the Grand Mother course by Mrs. Margraet Alva, Honourable Governor of Uttarakhand. Earlier to mark the celebration of Women Day on 8th March, the award was collected by Maya Goburdhan, Director, Bija Vidyapeeth, Navdanya Education Centre.


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About Navdanya

Navdanya means “nine seeds” (symbolizing protection of biological and cultural diversity) and also the “new gift” (for seed as commons, based on the right to save and share seeds In today’s context of biological and ecological destruction, seed savers are the true givers of seed. This gift or “dana” of Navadhanyas (nine seeds) is the ultimate gift – it is a gift of life, of heritage and continuity. Conserving seed is conserving biodiversity, conserving knowledge of the seed and its utilization, conserving culture, conserving sustainability.

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