• Vasundhara Festival 2015

    Vasundhara Festival -  Day Two The second day of Vasundhara festival began with over 300 farmers from all over India dividing into regional groups to discuss Anna Swaraj 2020. The Anna Swaraj 2020 vision is call for farmers to unite and demand independe...
  • Touch the Earth: A Soil Pilgrimage

    1st – 30th, September, 2015 A-Z of Agroecology and Organic Food Systems A four week exposure tour on the science and practice of Living Seed, Living Soil, Living Food. At Earth University(Bija Vidyapeeth), Navdanya Biodiversity Conservation farm, V...
  • Press Release International Women’s Day, 8th March 2015

    Diverse Women for Diversity Mahila Anna Swaraj Initiative for Health , Equity and Society Navdanya Moms Across the World BIODIVERSITY OR GMOS: WILL THE FUTURE OF NUTRITION BE IN WOMEN’S HANDS OR UNDER CORPORATE CONTROL? Women have been the prima...

      An invitation from Navdanya to join in the long term rehabilitation and rejuvenation of disaster hit Uttarakhand. Become a Friend of the Himalaya .Thank you for your generous contribution and solidarity. 6th August 2013 The disaster that  hit Utt...
  • Book release On Health per acre: Organic solutions to hunger and malnutrition

    Innovative solutions to the food crisis On 26th March 2011 Navdanya’s latest report “Health per Acre: Organic Solutions to Hunger and Malnutrition” by Dr Vandana Shiva and Dr Vaibhav Singh was released by Sayeda Hameed, Member of the Planning Commi...
  • Navdanya organizes a Millets Festival at Dilli Haat

    Millets, the nutritious, water prudent crops have been marginalized and called coarse and inferior grains. For the last 20 years, Navdanya has been conserving and promoting these forgotten foods. From 1st of Oct to 16th Oct (World Food Day) Navdanya has o...
  • Climate Conference on 17th November 09

    National Conference on Climate Change in the Himalaya Date: 17th November 2009VenueThe Auditorium, India International Center OrganizersResearch Foundation For Science Technology and Ecology/ Navdanyain partnership with India International CenterThe Hima...
  • Meetings

    The World Food Summit is being organized in June this year in Rome, five years after the last Food Summit Five years after the last Food Summit, hunger and malnutrition has grown enormously, particularly in the third World countries. The public dis...
  • Statement

    1 October 2001 We, Diverse Women for Diversity (DWD) committed to a peaceful world, celebrate our differences. From our differences come our strengths. We come from all the continents, and from different cultures and races, and are united in our vision f...
  • Campaigns

      High Fructose Corn Syrup, Genetically Engineered Products and Corporate Control of Agriculture and Food are Causing Hunger, Poverty and the Epidemic of Obesity & Diabetes! Stop Food From Becoming A Health Hazard Diverse Women for Diversity has f...
  • The Movement

    A Southern initiative to build an international coalition of women to respond to globalisation and its impacts by creating diverse solutions at the local level and a common defence at the global level. The need for a global coalition to respond to glo...

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“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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