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Bhoomi Maati Maa: the Festival of Living Soil
Ist, October, 2015; India International Centre,

Main Auditorium


We are made up of the same five elements- earth, water, fire, air and space- that constitute the universe. We are the soil. We are the earth. What we do to the soil, we do to ourselves. And it is no accident that the words “humus” and “humans” have the same root. This ecological truth is forgotten in the dominant paradigm because it is based on eco-apartheid, the false idea that we are separate an...

Gandhi, Globalization and Earth Democracy Conference

Navdanya in collaboration with Shumei International invites you to

Gandhi, Globalization and Earth Democracy on 20th November 2014,

at India International Centre,40,

Maxmueller Marg, Lodhi Road. Conference Room No 2.

Speakers are :
Mr.Satish Kumar
Dr.Vandana Shiva
Mr.Miyawaki (Plant ecologist who promotes a tree planting movement in Japan)
Mr.Nakahigashi (the chief priest of a Shinto shrine, Kasuga taisha),

Download this file (phyto_0571_Miyawaki_wm-1.pdf)Mr.Miyawaki's essay
International Conference on Organic & Ecological Agriculture in Mountain Ecosystems
Taking action on Rio+20, we invite you to the " International Conference on Organic & Ecological Agriculture in Mountain Ecosystems" March 5th- 8th, 2014, in Thimphu Bhutan.
Rich in biodiversity and home to nutritious crops, mountain ecosystems are threatened by deforestation, soil degradation as well as erosion, melting and receding of glaciers. This conference aims to draw attention to the special needs of mountain ecosystems and highlight how going organic can help tackle pressing...

An Illustrated Lecture by Dr Vandana Shiva

Details below

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Navdanya Celebrates Silver Jublee with farmers across the country at Vasundhara 2012

A Manifesto on Jaivik Bharat: Vision 2020, developed by Scientists and Farmers was Presented to Ministers and New Ambassadors of Organic Farming in India during Vasundhara 2012

Vasundhara 2012 was celebrated as a Silver Jublee function of the 'Navdanya Movement' that completed its 25 years under the leadership of Dr. Vandana Shiva. About 200 farmers from across the country from Ladakh to Chennai and Jodhpur to Manipur attended the celebration. A-Z course participants...

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